Lust Have It! Eco Autumn 2013

Yay! Another box of eco goodies to play with. Loving the Lust Have It! Eco boxes right now. Let's have a look at what I got to play with! 

1) McArthur Complete Skincare Cream RRP $54.95 for 250ml. Sample size: 250ml.

I saw this stuff advertised on a news program a few months ago where people were using this cream for conditions such as chronic wounds, cellulitis and arthritis with great results and relief for their conditions. It has 60% paw paw extract which is full of things skin love like vitamins & antioxidants. I gotta admit, I am not a huge fan of this cream. I don't like the smell and even though it is quite rich and nourishing there are much nicer smelling products out there that moisturise just as well. If I had an ailment like a wound or arthritis pain I guess I would try it for that but I don't, I would only use it as a moisturiser which I probably wont. I rate this product a 2/5 based on the use of a general moisturiser. 

2) Alfaparf Milano Precious Oil Tradition Sample pack:
- Absolute Oil RRP $39 for 100ml. Sample size: 13ml
- Anti-Frizz Oil Shampoo RRP $26 for 250ml. Sample size: 10ml
- Anti-Frizz Oil Mask RRP $30 for 200gm. Sample size: 10ml

A new range with prickly pear oil and pequi oil to help frizzy manes. The sample sizes were only just enough for one try for me as I have very long & thick hair. I didn't think too much of them while I was using them but when I straightened my hair I did find it was less frizzy then usual so they live up to their name. I rate these products a 4/5. 

3) Pretty Serious Nail Polish RRP $9.95 for 11ml. Sample size: 11ml

An Australian made brand, 100% vegan and highly pigmented. I got the TUX shade which is a pretty dark blue which looks more like a dark grey when applied with a hint of shimmer. Pretty decent price as well. I rate this product a 4/5. 

4) Wotnot Facial Wipes RRP $15 for 25wipes. Sample size: 25 wipes

This product won the best facial wipes award from beautyhaven.com for being the only facial wipes with completely natural ingredients. I did really like these wipes, I find facial wipes always tend to be a bit stingy but these wipes were very gentle. I like having wipes on hand for cleaning off my make-up after a long night out when I'm too tired (or drunk) to cleanse properly. They are fairly reasonably priced as well. I rate this product a 4/5. 

5) Elf Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow RRP $5.99 each. Sample size: 1

I was very surprised by this product. I received the Natural shade which is a gorgeous copper colour. The shadow is very highly pigmented and are beautiful to wear. I was even more surprised by the price which is a bargain for such a great product. I want all the colours! I rate this product a 5/5. 
* I had a little look over at their website and wow they have some awesome looking products at crazy cheap prices! I am going to buy a whole bunch of stuff to try, at those prices why not! 

6) Savi Body Cream RRP $49.95 for 220ml. Sample size: 20ml

Certified organic luxury body cream. I really liked this cream, it feels very deluxe and has a beautiful scent which reminds me of a day spa I went to in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. My skin felt very smooth after using it and it is absorbed super quick with no oily residue. Divine! I rate this product a 5/5. 

Overall I am very happy with this season's Lust Have It! Eco box. My favourite product would be a tie between the Elf eye-shadow & the Savi body cream, 2 products I will definitely buy in the future. The total value of the samples came to $98.05 which is great value. The Lust Have It! Eco boxes are $29.95 and are delivered per quarter. 


  1. I received the same but different colours!
    Darn, I wish my elf shadow was a bit more wearable. As for the McArthur cream, I agree.. the scent is extremely herbal, I've been looking for something to treat my patches of dry skin and amazingly this worked. But otherwise I find it hard to use the product.


  2. I got the exact same box - but again different colours in the eye shadow and nail polish - got a lovely red Seasonal Sunset nail polish and my eyeshadow was a pale silver Angelic (I always seem to get the pale eyeshadows!) I love the herbal aroma of the McArthur cream, but I'm into natural products so I'm used to the natural aromas rather than heavily fragranced products.

    I estimated mine to be worth $91. Difference being an error on the card as the WotNot Wipes are $7.95 RRP and not $15 as stated - but it's good to hear you think 'they are fairly reasonable priced' at $15! I love the WotNot wipes and buy them in bulk as myself and 2 daughters aged 16 and 20 use them.

    Loved this Eco-box - only my second one, but extremely impressed with the products and value too.