BellaBox May 2012

Yay BellaBox! 

1) Sebastian Professional Range RRP from $34 Sample size: 3x 10ml sachets.

Shampoo, conditioner & mask. I LOVED these! My hair felt amazing after using them and especially when heat styling- left my style looking great & silky. I rate these products a 5/5.

2) Savior Faire Lipstick in Classic RRP $48 Sample size: 1.2g

This has to be the tiniest lipstick I have ever seen. Very cute. The colour is way way way too pink for me so I will be giving it away but it feels like a nice lipstick and is also water-resistant. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

3) Bobbi Brown Mini Mascara is Cult RRP $48 Sample size: 3ml

I do love a good Bobbi Brown mascara- they are definitely one of the best out there. A great brush and formula, it made my lashes lovely & long. And I am pretty fussy when it comes to mascara's so this one has impressed me. I rate this product a 5/5.

4) Avene Eau Thermale Moisturiser & Eye-cream RRP $60+ each product Sample size: 5ml/2ml

This included the Ystheal+ emulsion anti-aging treatment & Eluage Contour eye serum. Im excited to try these over the next few days and will get back to how they go!

5) Emerginc Hydra Repair Capsules RRP $139 for 40 capsules Sample size: 4 capsules

Little capsules of wonder serums always interest me. Most brands I have tried always show amazing results so this is another one im very excited to try and to get back to with a rating.

Overall I am really impressed with BellaBox this month. There are some wonderful brands to sample and I am especially happy to be trying out some very high-end skincare products amongst those as well. Expensive skincare is sometimes very difficult to maintain at times and getting the opportunity to try before you buy can become very expensive in the end which is why I love these beauty sample box services. BellaBox has to be one of the best beauty sample box services in my honest opinion and I highly recommend subscribing to them!   

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