I Love This Box April 2012

I was super excited to receive my first I Love This Box this month. I have been eyeing off their boxes for awhile now and decided to give them a go to see how they stack up against other beauty sample subscriptions boxes. The packaging was great and sealed beautifully. Big downfall though with the mineral blush going through the whole box and covering the other products with a lovely bronzed powder. They also included 2 little Red Tulip Easter eggs which is a nice touch. 

1) Chikki Natural Salon Quality Mineral Blush RRP $40 for 5g Sample size: sachet.

Nasties-free mineral blush suitable for sensitive skin. It is a very lovely shade but just a tiny touch too metallic for my own personal preference. Feels wonderfully silky when applied though. I rate this product a 3/5. 

2) Avado Sensitives Certified Organic Gel Exfoliant RRP $14.99 for 100ml Sample size: 100ml (full-sized product).

I really loved using this product. I got my ILTB box 4 days ago and have been using this product everyday since I got it and its a wonderfully gentle yet thorough exfoliant. I rate this product a 5/5.

3) Shanga Mineral Eyeshadow (in Orchid) RRP $24.95 for 1g Sample size: 1g (full-sized product).

I'm not a fan of loose eye shadows to start with and I didn't find this shadow to be pigmented enough, and I got a really dark purple almost black shade. Its not a bad product, I just wouldn't pay that price for it when there are so many better shadows out there for that price! I rate this product a 2/5.

4) Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour RRP $16.95 Sample size: full-sized product.

This is a very rich & creamy lip colour and glides on nicely. I'm not a huge lipstick wearer so personally I wouldn't go too nuts over it. I got the Autumn Rush shade which really does remind me of Autumn and is a nice brown-red colour. A little dark for my liking but still a nice product. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

5) Just D'Lish Soap RRP $5 for 100g Sample size: 100g (full-sized product).

As soon as I opened the box this amazing scent just overwhelmed the senses! I got the sage & pomegranate scent and it is just divine! I haven't used this soap yet as I have a few still in rotation and didn't want to open yet another soap to clutter my bathroom so am just using it to make my room smell pretty. Based on scent alone I rate this product a 5/5! So yummy. 

Overall I was really impressed with this month's box. 4 full sized products is nothing to sneeze at and the products themselves were all a really nice mix. Maybelline was the only product I had heard of before so its always nice to try out new brands. A great sample box! 


Beauty Basket April 2012

I always look forward to Beauty Basket each month. I think they are a very under-rated beauty sample company but they are always amazing in my eyes and don't disappoint. Unlike every other beauty sample box service, Beauty Basket advertise what will be in each months box on their website in advance so you know what you are getting. This month's box was a nice little selection of products:

1) Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60 sec Treatment RRP $20.95 for 200ml Sample size: 50ml

I'm always on the lookout for amazing hair treatments and totally excited to give this a try tonight after my workout. And one that works in 60 seconds is even better for us time-poor chicks who cant spend forever in the shower. I will rate this later this week after I use it. 

2) John Plunkett Advanced Instant Wrinkle Filler RRP $39.95 for 20ml Sample size: 10ml

I am a big lover all things 'primer' and just want to say I LOVE this stuff! It really does have that lovely gel-powder finish and it kept my make-up on all day and it looked flawless. I rate this product a 4.5/5.

3) Innoxa Nail Polish RRP $13.95 Sample size: full-sized product

I do love getting nail polishes in my monthly beauty boxes and was excited to get this one. I got the 'plush velvet' shade which is a beautiful red wine colour which is a colour I lack in my nail polish collection so am excited to use this. It sets beautifully & quick as well. Cute packaging too. I rate this polish a 5/5. 

4) U Little Beauty Dinki-Di Day Cream RRP $22.95 for 75ml Sample size: 30ml

I'm always excited to try new moisturisers, I always tend to go through moisturisers so much faster then all my other skin-care products! This vitamin-C rich cream has a lovely tangy but creamy scent and feels ultra-nourishing on the skin but non-greasy. A really nice product, I rate it a 4.5/5. 

5) Avon Supershock MAX Mascara RRP $22.99 for 10g Sample size: 10g full-sized product

Firstly I LOVE the packaging of this mascara- a beautiful metallic green wand. The brush itself is massive and did surprise me a bit at first but it applies like a dream with no clumps (yay) and made my lashes super massive! I seem to get a mascara with every beauty sample box lately so have a million in my collection but this one certainly stands out! I rate this product a 4.5/5. 

I also received the latest issue of Just Be magazine (not pictured) in this months box and am looking forward to reading this on the weekend! 

Overall I am once again super happy with this month's Beauty Basket. 2 full-sized products and 3 very generous sized samples and packaged in a lovely wicker basket as always. I highly recommend subscribing to them for anyone pondering whether to or not. 


Lust Have It! April 2012

Lust Have It! has to be one of my favourite beauty sample subscription boxes and I because I hold them so high on my list I am always nervous to see what each month's box contains for the fear of it being disappointing. This months box is probably my most favourite of all the boxes I ever received from any subscription service. Lets have a look why:

1) DeLorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray RRP $23.95 for 195ml Sample size: 195mls (full-sized product)

I LOVE sea salt hair styling products and am excited to try this product. Even though sea salt sprays are meant for that tousled, beach look, I started using sea salt sprays for straightening my hair on the advice of my hairdresser and was amazed to see the difference in my hair after straightening. Usually after straightening my hair it tends to lack any volume and with sea salt spray I get that volume back so I highly recommend trying it! I will rate this product when I straighten my hair tomorrow with it.

2) Spa Fresh Blends Romantic Discovery RRP $15.95 for 250ml Sample size: approx 40ml

This is a tub tonic (or bath salts) infused with the essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot & ylang ylang. I don't take baths very often but this stuff smells absolutely divine and I will use it tomorrow to soak in then rate it then. Cant wait to try it out, especially as I have never heard of this brand before.

3) True Solutions All Day Tinted Moisturising Cream SPF 30+ RRP $60 for 100ml Sample size: 20ml

Another brand I have never heard of before, this 'clinical strength moisturiser combines sun protection & light coverage with intensive hydrating properties to give a healthy glow to skin. This foundation definitely has a very strong sunscreen smell which would put me off buying it but its very lightweight & non-greasy which is so important for a tinted moisturiser/sunscreen. I was lucky enough to receive a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly and will definitely use this for those days out in the sun when a full application of make-up is not appropriate (or too hot for!) I rate this product a 4.5/5.

4) I Nuovi Glitteratti Cosmetic Glitter RRP $19.95 for 2.5g Sample size: 2.5g (full-sized product)

This professional cosmetic glitter can be used anywhere on the body. I got the silver colour which is a really nice subtle colour as I cant really think of anywhere I would probably use this but its nice to know I have some on hand if an occasion called for it! The product itself is very nice though and as far as face & body glitters go it is of a great quality in a cute little pot. I rate this product a 4/5.

5) EmerginC products RRP Cleanser $44 (120ml), Mask $65 (50ml) and Moisturiser $105 (50ml) Sample size: 3ml of each

I have heard of EmerginC skin products before but are yet to try them so was super excited to get these this month. I imagine you would only get one use out of each little pouch which makes it hard to rate a skincare product but I will use it tonight and rate it tomorrow on how it feels. 

Overall I am over the moon with this months Lust Have It! and the cute little make-up bag that it all came in too! Top job LHI crew!
Just to note, I received an email this morning from Lust Have It! & Glossybox to say that LHI had acquired Glossybox and the 2 companies would be joining forces under the Lust Have It! brand. This will be an interesting future development. Glossybox has always been on the bottom of my favourites list with these boxes and Lust Have It! at the top so I am hoping that Lust Have It! continues to bring us the high standard of products that they always have and that Glossybox doesn't have too much of an influence on those standards. 


BellaBox April 2012

Its that time again my little rabbit beauties! Sample box time! Kicking off the April boxes is BellaBox. The theme this month is 'around the world in fashion' to celebrate Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

1) Hollywood Feet Heel Cushions RRP $9.95 for 2 pair Sample Size: 2 pair (full-sized product)

These gel cushions sit under your heels in your stiletto's so you don't get sore tootsies while being discreet so you still look fabulous. I have used this product before and they are great so was happy to get some more in this months box. I rate this product a 5/5. 

2) OP Therapy Body Hydrator RRP $19 for 75mls Sample size: 75mls (full-sized product)

This is an unscented cream for sensitive skin and also good to relieve symptoms of dry & chapped skin, sunburn and other skin ailments. It has a very rich texture and feels super creamy to apply. I am going to make this my new hand cream this month as I get flaky hands from washing my hands a million times a day at work and this cute tube is perfect to carry around. I also like that it is 100% Aussie and not tested on animals. I rate this product a 4.5/5. 

3) pure DKNY Verbena RRP $80 for 30mls Sample size: approx 3mls

I love getting perfume samples with these boxes! This smells absolutely divine and I will definitely be adding it my wish list! I rate this fragrance a 5/5.

4) ULTA3 Nail Polish RRP $2 for 13mls Sample size: 13ml (full sized product)

I got the colour Jade which is a lovely metallic green and for a cheap as chips nail polish its really nice! I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of this polish and we will see how it stands up to durability at my personal training session tonight. I rate this product a 4/5. 

5) Comvita Brightening Range RRP between $45- $79 for the whole range Sample size: 1.5ml of each. 

So these 3 little sachets have the brightening facial serum, exfoliant & protective moisturiser (SPF 15). The magic ingredient is the olive leaf extract which is an anti-oxidant powerhouse to give bright & clear skin. I am excited to try these tonight and will rate them again later! 

6) Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation RRP $55 for 30mls Sample size: 5ml

This was the one I was waiting for! I am a huge huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics and was stoked to hear when Bellabox announced a partnership with these guys. I received the 'petal' shade which matched my skin perfectly! It goes on like a dream and the coverage is just amazing! I think I have found my new everyday foundation! I rate this a product a 6/5 (yes I can do that!!) 

Overall I was really impressed with this month's Bellabox and the overall theme. If you are considering subscribing to Bellabox I highly recommend them- I have loved all their boxes so far and am yet to be disappointed! 


Shimmer Cubes

I am totally in LOVE with these shimmer cubes from The Body Shop. I know they are considered an 'old' product now but they are on my list as one of my all time fave beauty buys. I have 2 sets- palette 06 & palette 23. They retail for $40.95 each and to me that is a bargain! Each set contains 4 colours and these little cubes of magic are very deep and will last forever. 

palette 06 (warm) & 23 (violet)

The individual cubes- so deep!

palette 06

palette 23
These shadows go on really easily, they don't clump or crease and the colour lasts all day. The really vibrant colours look great when applied wet and really change the look. 

Who else is in love with shimmer cubes?


Lemon Aid

Today I am reviewing a little product called Lemon aid from one of my newly favourite beauty companies Benefit Cosmetics. This is a colour correcting eyelid primer. So how does it work? You apply it to your eyelids either before your eye make-up or on its own. The yellow pigment helps disguise any dark skin in the eye area so your eye make-up colour isn't distorted by dark colours underneath and makes it more professional looking. This is a great product for people like me who have natural 'panda eyes' as I call them- the skin in my eye area is so much darker then the skin on the rest of my face thanks to genetics (thanks Dad!) plus add in shift work and lack of sleep and its easy for the eye area to look dark & dull. 

As you can see by the swatch above it is very light in colour and would be suitable worn on its own just to give the eyes a subtle facelift. It retails for about $20 and the pot will literally last you a lifetime! I have been using mine mostly everyday for about 2 weeks now and have barely made a dint in it, you really don't need much. 

As a primer I wouldn't really say it works like a primer. To me, a primer is meant to make your make-up stick on for longer and I don't really find a difference with the longevity of my make-up with or without this product. It does a great job at colour correcting my dark eyes which is why I love it but I don't love it for the sole purpose of priming. 

What other colour correcting products have you guys tried & love? 



Making the decision to invest in some good quality make-up brushes was one of the best things I ever did for my make-up routine. I used to always believe that applying make-up with my fingers was good enough and I didn't need to spend my hard earned dollars on brushes. You may also feel this way and that's fine but I would like to take the time to convince you otherwise. Welcome to my brush collection!

All brushes from the The Body Shop

I have a small collection. A very small collection to some people's standards. But the one thing I want to get across to those considering investing in brushes is that you don't need to own 20+ brushes or even 6 like me to have a quality collection. There are so many different brushes & brands out there and its easy to get pressured into buying something you don't really need. Have a think about the most important elements of your make-up routine and match your brushes to these elements. Confused?
Here I will be explaining & demonstrating the uses of each of my brushes and why I can happily get away with 6 brushes for a professional make-up look. Starting from left to right. 

The first brush I want to talk about is the blusher brush. Blusher brushes are big & fat & soft. Not quite as fat as a body brush or a kabuki brush though. I don't even use my blusher brush for blush. I use it as a powder brush. (I wear cream blusher but if I used powder blush I would use it for that!).
Blusher brushes are great for applying medium-large volumes of product to a large area of your face, such as your cheeks or forehead. Using a swirling motion they blend perfectly and leave you with a very professional look.  

The Body Shop powder foundation

Next is the foundation brush. These brushes are great for your liquid foundations and really make your make-up product stretch so you use less and save money.  To use I dispense a small amount of product on the back of my hand then dip my brush in and literally just paint my face! Foundation brushes will ensure a very even coverage and are great for blending in those hard to reach places like the hairline and ears if you take your foundation out that far. 

Now for the fun brushes- the eye-shadow blender, slanted, concealer & eye-shadow brushes. 
Eye-shadow brushes are fantastic for picking up product and applying it to your eyelids compared to using your fingers as you want your eye colour to look very precise which I personally find impossible to do with my fingers. A slanted brush is a must for very precise application. An eye-shadow blender brush is a great little tool but you could easily get away with just an eye-shadow brush. I love to blend though so a blender brush is a top priority in my collection. My best advice when it comes to these sorts of brushes and technique? Just play! You need to get in there and play around with different brush strokes and blending techniques. Its fun! 

Benefit , Napolean & The Body Shop Eyeshadows

Lastly is the concealer brush. While every girl needs a bit of concealer for those uninvited blemishes that pop up a concealer brush is, IMHO a great little tool for the perfect eye-line, and is what I use my concealer brush for. 

Napolean China Doll Gel Eyeliner


There are a million & one other brushes out there and I'm sure I will add to my collection over time but having some basics to get started with is enough. As for the care of brushes I clean my foundation & eye-shadow & concealer brushes once a week and the others every fortnight using a solution of make-up remover & a mild soapy cleanser to soak & rinse then stand overnight to dry. I recommend purchasing synthetic over natural brushes to prevent allergic reactions and to buy the best you can afford within your budget. 

What are your favourite brushes to use?