Lemon Aid

Today I am reviewing a little product called Lemon aid from one of my newly favourite beauty companies Benefit Cosmetics. This is a colour correcting eyelid primer. So how does it work? You apply it to your eyelids either before your eye make-up or on its own. The yellow pigment helps disguise any dark skin in the eye area so your eye make-up colour isn't distorted by dark colours underneath and makes it more professional looking. This is a great product for people like me who have natural 'panda eyes' as I call them- the skin in my eye area is so much darker then the skin on the rest of my face thanks to genetics (thanks Dad!) plus add in shift work and lack of sleep and its easy for the eye area to look dark & dull. 

As you can see by the swatch above it is very light in colour and would be suitable worn on its own just to give the eyes a subtle facelift. It retails for about $20 and the pot will literally last you a lifetime! I have been using mine mostly everyday for about 2 weeks now and have barely made a dint in it, you really don't need much. 

As a primer I wouldn't really say it works like a primer. To me, a primer is meant to make your make-up stick on for longer and I don't really find a difference with the longevity of my make-up with or without this product. It does a great job at colour correcting my dark eyes which is why I love it but I don't love it for the sole purpose of priming. 

What other colour correcting products have you guys tried & love? 

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