Shimmer Cubes

I am totally in LOVE with these shimmer cubes from The Body Shop. I know they are considered an 'old' product now but they are on my list as one of my all time fave beauty buys. I have 2 sets- palette 06 & palette 23. They retail for $40.95 each and to me that is a bargain! Each set contains 4 colours and these little cubes of magic are very deep and will last forever. 

palette 06 (warm) & 23 (violet)

The individual cubes- so deep!

palette 06

palette 23
These shadows go on really easily, they don't clump or crease and the colour lasts all day. The really vibrant colours look great when applied wet and really change the look. 

Who else is in love with shimmer cubes?

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  1. I love these. I'm from India and they look so awesome on Indian skin too. I think I've used mine off and on for a year and I've finally made a dent in them.