A side project

Its new (like so new there isn't much there yet so maybe wait a few weeks then check back?) but I have started a little side project and its called Sugar Bingle. Give it a few weeks of renovations and for something interesting to happen and go check it out. 


BellaBox Feb 2012 Review

This my first BellaBox and I am very impressed indeed! I have been thinking long & hard about cutting a few of my subscriptions but BellaBox is most definitely safe! So what do we have here? (left to right)

Star & Rose Confetti Soap Roses RRP $25.95 for 12 Sample Size: 2 roses (pink)
How cute! Soap in the shape of a rose. Gorgeous smell and would make the dullest bathroom look sweet. I rate this product a 4/5.

B by Bloom Collecta Eyeshadow Duo RRP $9.95 Sample Size: full sized
I got the 'Blue Mountains' shade. I don't normally wear blue as I have blue eyes and I usually wear colours on the opposite side of the colour spectrum but they are a wonderful colour and I could get away with a subtle application of this. The pot design is genius as-well- instead of a top opening lid the pot opens out sideways and is stackable with other colours which is awesome! I rate this product a 4.5/5.

Sass & Savy Citrus Hand Cream RRP $15 for 50ml Sample Size 5ml
We already received this product in this months Lust Have It! which is a touch disappointing (you would think Sass & Savy would know who they are giving their samples to? ) and I have already reviewed this as much as a hand cream can be reviewed. Will still get used though! 

Sparoma Shimmer Wrap RRP $44.95 for 150ml Sample size: 7.5mls??
This shimmer smells lovely and gives a very subtle hint of glisten which is great. I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks so will use this then. I rate this product a 4/5. 

Bloom Organic Hand & Body Wash RRP $38 for 500mls Sample size: 50mls
Another Bloom product which is fine by me! This smells amazing! Has aloe, ginseng & calendula extracts and leaves skin very soft and smelling divine! I rate this product a 4.5/5. 

We also got 2 chocolate hearts from The Chocolate Box and they were very tasty indeed!

For a Valentines box, Bellabox certainly ticked all the right boxes here and IMHO is the best of the Valentines boxes this month. The sweet smelling body wash, the rose soaps, the body shimmer, and a make-up product. Well done BellaBox you have impressed me! And I do love the packaging, very simple but very pretty as well. 

What did you think of this month's BellaBox? Did you get the same or different? 


Free Stuff

Gotta love the freebies! I decided I would be going back to Clinique skin care this year and I was waiting for them to have a little deal on as they always do great bonuses and my long wait paid off. I snapped this little offer up ASAP when I ordered my 3 step system. 

Cosmetic Bag came loaded with (from left to right)

Moisture Surge extended thirst relief 15ml (RRP $ 75 for 50ml)
7 Day Scrub Cream 50ml (RRP $47 for 100ml)
All About Eyes Serum 5ml (RRP $52 for 15ml)
Eyeshadow Quad 2.7g (RRP $66 for 4.8g)
Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss 2.3ml (RRP $35 for 6ml)
High Impact Curling Mascara in Black 2.5ml (RRP $38 for 8ml)
White Compact Mirror
Super Balanced Powder Make-up SPF 15 in Natural 3.5g (RRP $65 for 18g)

So doing the math that's $138 worth of free samples. Not too shabby! And even better still, the powder foundation is a perfect match for my skin tone which is always awesome. And as always Clinique throw in 2 more samples when you order online and I got the Repairwear Laser Focus (1.5ml) and the face scrub for men (15ml) for my husband (not pictured). 

Along with the 3 step system I also ordered a blush which I will review later along with the 3 step system. 

Have you come across any great deals lately?


GlossyBox February 2012 Review

I have read some pretty disappointing reviews of this months GlossyBox the last few days and have been eagerly awaiting for mine to arrive. I saw a lot of people got different things and this is what I got:

1. Bio-Oil RRP $14.95 for 60ml Sample Size: 60ml

I do love Bio-Oil as a body moisturiser and have used it quite a lot in the past. Its a nice product and especially good for growing pregnant bellies and other skin imperfections such as stretch marks or cellulite. Good sized sample aswell. I give this product a 4/5.

2. Mirenesse 3D Forever Lipgloss RRP $7.95 for 5g

This is a nice full-sized sample lipgloss. I do love wand glosses and it goes on very nice. It is a very dark red-wine shade which I wouldnt wear everyday but will definietely use for a night time make-up look. I rate this product a 4/5.

This also came with a voucher to redeem a Mirenesse make-up product on their FB page which I have applied for but its only valid to the first 500 people. I don't know if this voucher was included with this product when it was used in a previous box so I may be way too late or I may be lucky enough to get it. We shall see! 

3. Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm RRP $8.99 for 2g

Another full-sized lip balm with an SPF15. It is clear and is a good moisturiser. Good for everyday use either plain or on top of a lipstick. I rate this product a 3/5.

4. Star & Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files RRP $unknown Sample Size: 12 mini boards.

These are really cute with a pretty birdy design and a great mini size to keep in your handbag. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

5. Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash RRP$ 39.95 for 475ml Sample Size: 60ml

This a good sized sample for Proactive. I'm not a big fan of Proactive, I tried it for awhile when I was an acne stricken teen and even then I found it way too harsh and I dont even have sensitive skin. This cleanser is for the body though and I do occasioanlly break out on my back when at the gym so it will make a good body wash. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

Overall im fairly happy with this month's box but for a Valentines day box it was a bit of a let down. The pink box & packaging was beautiful though. Having 2 lip-glosses in the one box is a bit of a disappointment and I saw a lot of other people got a nail polish & mascara which would've been a lot nicer for a Valentines box. Some of the products have apparently been done before in previous boxes as well which luckily for me I didn't receive but if I had had them before I would've been pissed. The box also came with some little heart shaped lollies which was a cute touch. 

As for posting, it was only 2 days between receiving my email & package so good work there. What did you think of this month's box? 


Lust Have It February 2012

I have been stalking the courier man all morning to bring me my February Lust Have It box and it finally came yay! I was a bit ho hum in relation to December's box. Dont get me wrong, it was a good box but I think the inclusion of tampons in a luxury beauty sample box really dug them a big hole for that one. Luckily this month's box has totally redeemed Lust Have It and I am very excited. This month's box came with its usual product information card and also a card on general skin advice depending on your age group. As for the samples, what have we got here? 

1. Davroe Tame Lemongrass Detangler RRP $21.50 for 315ml. Sample size: 50mls

I have never heard of this brand before and this is where the whole amazing idea of beauty sample boxes comes to life- by introducing you to new brands. It has a lovely subtle soapy scent is definitely non greasy which is awesome for a leave in conditioner/detangler. I personally love detangler's. I have long, thick, naturally wavy hair which can be a nightmare at times and I know this product will be used in no time! I give it a 4/5.

2. Taut Collagen Infusion Mask RRP $44.95 pack of 5. Sample size: 1 mask

I have heard of this brand before but never used it personally and was just thrilled to have a mask included in this pack. It promises to tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion in 10mins. I am going to wait until Saturday to try this mask as I am working night duties until then and always finish my nights with a dull complexion so that will be the real test! So I am unable to rate this product at this time.

UPDATED 12/2/12: I used this mask last night and it is lovely. My skin was definitely more toned & brighter after 1 mask. It left my skin feeling very moisturised and rejuvenated. I rate this product a 4.5/5 

3. Lancome Juicy Tubes RRP $46 for 14g. Sample size: 7ml

This was the one everybody has waiting for! Lust Have It announced awhile back they were including this product and I think we all went a little nuts waiting for it! I have used juicy tubes in the past and they really are a wonderful product. I was very happy to see this included and I love the hot pink colour in time for Valentines Day. I rate this product a 5/5. 

4. Sass & Savy Rose Lavender Hand n Nail Repair Creme RRP $25 for 100ml. Sample size: 5ml

Another product I have not heard of before. Im usually a bit... unenthusiastic I guess is the word when I get hand cream and this time wasnt really any different. It is a nice product. The smell is nothing amazing (I personally find lavender to be a tad nanna) and nothing else really stands out for me with this product but it is non greasy which is a plus when it comes to hand creams. The sample size is cute though and will get used as I wash my hands a million times a day at work (im a nurse) and I always need hand cream so will keep this in my pocket. I rate this product a 2/5.

5. Lush Sugar Soap RRP $6.50 100mls. Sample size: no idea, but looks very generous.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUSH!!!!! and was totally ecstatic to find a Lush product in this month's box. I do love a good body scrub and this stuff is wonderful! Its smells wonderful like all Lush products and does its job well! I rate this product 5/5.

Overall I have to say that this month's Lust Have It box is a winner and was very exciting indeed! It is the first of 3 beauty sample boxes I subscribe to to be delivered this month so another applause to Lust Have It for being on the ball! As for value for money, this month's contents definitely exceeded the $15 cost and I am very impressed with the variety of products as-well. 


The Body Shop Haul

Had a little shopping spree today and bought lots of goodies including new jeans & a new top for a work conference, new shoes (which were free thanks to today's Westfield special where you get a free $20 voucher with every $120 spent that day - score!) and some new beauty goodies from The Body Shop. I haven't spent much time in-store at the Body Shop and was pleasantly surprised to be offered a free mini facial before a foundation colour matching and complete makeover by one of their make-up consultants for free. Awesome! 

Today's Loot

Foundation Brush $27.95

I have been meaning to pick up a new foundation brush for ages now. The make-up consultant used this during my mini makeover and I loved it so just had to have it. Its very soft and blends make-up perfectly without getting half your product on your fingers instead. To wash brushes I just soak in a tea tree cleanser about once a week. 

Skin Primer Moisturise It $26.95

I am a huge supporter of primer's before applying foundation. If you have never used a primer before or even heard of them a primer is essential for smooth & easy application of foundation which you apply after your daily skin routine (so cleanse, ex-foliate & moisturise) and before you apply foundation. It creates an invisible barrier between your skin & the foundation to stop foundation seeping into your pores and makes your foundation last longer and look more even. I got the moisturising one (also available in matte) as I work in air-conditioning and often end up with dry skin and a flaky foundation by the end of a 12hr shift. 

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 30 $43.95

I have always wanted to try mineral make-up and today was my day! This foundation is very light and easy to apply and gives a nice even coverage. You could build it up with a powder foundation over the top but I personally don't like my make-up to be too heavy and am lucky enough I have the skin that I can get away with a light application. And of course the SPF 30 is a must for us Queensland chicks! 


My top 5 beauty must haves

I love seeing what other people claim to be their favourite beauty buys and the variety of products that all suit us differently. We are all so different and need different things and some products just work better for some people or not at all. This is my list of my favourite beauty buys that I always seem to come back to. I love experimenting with new things but every now & then along comes a classic you just cant live without!

This is by far the best fake tanner I have EVER used! I don't use fake tan very often but when I need to break out some sexy tanned legs for a hot dress I always reach for this stuff. Cannot fault it!
I have been using Burt's Bees skin products for about a year now as my daily regime and this carrot day creme is awesome. I find my skin is so dewy and moisturised perfectly when using it. It is a touch oily which is fine for my skin type (normal) but I imagine it may cause breakouts in people with oily skin. 
I am a long time lover of Clinique and their blush is the most perfect I have found. I wear blush daily as I have no rosy colour on my cheeks naturally (and at 5am on a night shift it saves me from the 5am uglies as I like to call them). 
I was always a bit sceptical of primers and thought they were useless but that opinion changed very quickly when I received a sample of Napoleon Perdis auto-primer a few years ago. This stuff is magical. There is such a huge difference in the application and look of my foundation when I use a primer. And when you work 12 hour shifts like I do your foundation needs staying power and a primer is just the thing for that. 

I picked up these little babies a few months ago on impulse and am so glad I did. They are a cheap but very effective little hair treatment you use before shampooing and only take 1 minute to work which is great for time saving in the shower. 

What are your favourite classic beauty buys?


P.S I got into university this year for a graduate diploma in clinical education. Gonna be glued to a textbook for the next 2 years eek!