My top 5 beauty must haves

I love seeing what other people claim to be their favourite beauty buys and the variety of products that all suit us differently. We are all so different and need different things and some products just work better for some people or not at all. This is my list of my favourite beauty buys that I always seem to come back to. I love experimenting with new things but every now & then along comes a classic you just cant live without!

This is by far the best fake tanner I have EVER used! I don't use fake tan very often but when I need to break out some sexy tanned legs for a hot dress I always reach for this stuff. Cannot fault it!
I have been using Burt's Bees skin products for about a year now as my daily regime and this carrot day creme is awesome. I find my skin is so dewy and moisturised perfectly when using it. It is a touch oily which is fine for my skin type (normal) but I imagine it may cause breakouts in people with oily skin. 
I am a long time lover of Clinique and their blush is the most perfect I have found. I wear blush daily as I have no rosy colour on my cheeks naturally (and at 5am on a night shift it saves me from the 5am uglies as I like to call them). 
I was always a bit sceptical of primers and thought they were useless but that opinion changed very quickly when I received a sample of Napoleon Perdis auto-primer a few years ago. This stuff is magical. There is such a huge difference in the application and look of my foundation when I use a primer. And when you work 12 hour shifts like I do your foundation needs staying power and a primer is just the thing for that. 

I picked up these little babies a few months ago on impulse and am so glad I did. They are a cheap but very effective little hair treatment you use before shampooing and only take 1 minute to work which is great for time saving in the shower. 

What are your favourite classic beauty buys?


P.S I got into university this year for a graduate diploma in clinical education. Gonna be glued to a textbook for the next 2 years eek! 

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