Beauty Sample Boxes

I was over at Alycia's amazing blog The Curious Pug the other day and she did a wonderful post on beauty sample boxes that get delivered to your door each month for a small fee for chicky babes in America, Canada & the UK. What a coincidence as I am currently subscribed to ..ahem...3 of these services and have been meaning to put together a post all about it for the Aussie chicks out there!

The whole idea is that for a small fee (most of them are about $15 a month which is debited from a credit card) you get sent a sample box filled with luxury products to try before you buy. Its a great way to try something out before spending the big bucks on the full sized product plus they can introduce you to products you may have never heard of before. Another reason I love the idea of this is because I hate using the same things over & over again. I love experimenting and am fortunate enough I have the skin tone & condition where pretty much anything looks good! (Way to toot my own beauty horn there toot toot!) 

I am currently subscribed to three of these services (Lust Have It!, BellaBox and GlossyBox) and will be doing monthly reviews on the boxes to compare companies as I receive them and also reviews on the products they send. 

Here is a quick run-down on the different sample box companies I have found for Australia - I am sure there are more so please let me know if you know of any other's! 


  • $14.95 a month including delivery
  • 5 deluxe sized products 
  • Earn 'glossy dots' (1 per $1) which you can redeem for more boxes
  • Earn more reward points by leaving feedback on the products
  • When you subscribe you fill out a beauty profile form which they use to tailor the products in your box to suit your needs. 
  • Brands include: Australis, Bio-oil, Biotherm, Bobbi Brown, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Essie, Estee Lauder, Garnier, John Frieda, Jurlique, Kosmea, Lily Loves Pearl, Marc Jacobs, Mirenesse, Nivea, Nude by Nature, Sally Hansen, Shiseido, Tigi & Yves Saint Laurent.  


    • $14.95 per month including delivery
    • 5-6 deluxe sized luxury products
    • Earn points (1 point per $1) which you can use to redeem on full-sized products of the samples which they sell in their online shop
    • No beauty profile to fill out as of yet but they are promising one is coming soon to customise your box.
    • Brands include: Kosmea, Evo, Moxie, Glasshouse, Nude by Nature, MD formulations, LimeLily, Lush, OPI, Kerastase, Burt's Bee's, Dermilogica, Lancome, Nougat, Naked Tan, Miranesse, Urban Ritual, Lash Republic, BioEffect & Pure Fiji.


    • $14.95 per month including delivery
    • 5 deluxe sized luxury samples
    • Rewards program (1 per $1) which can be redeemed for future boxes
    • Online shop stocking all the full-size products sent out as samples
    • Earn rewards through feedback & surveys
    • Fill out a beauty profile to customise the contents of your box
    • Brands include:  A'kin, Alpha-H, Batiste, Carla Oates Beauty, Elemis, Erborian, Eye of Horus, Eylure, Gatineau, Givenchy, Herban Essentials, Kenzo, Kosmea, La Perla, Lancome, Laqa & Co, Laviol, Me Me Me, Milk, Miller Harris, Napoleon Perdis, One skin system, Panda Pen, Pangea Organics, Phytomer, Puretopia, Soleo Organics, Sparoma, Twistband, Violent Lips & Wine Wipes. 


    • $14.95 per month including delivery
    • 5 deluxe sized luxury products
    • Earn 'LovePoints' to use on future promotions
    • Fill out a beauty profile to help customise the contents of your box
    • Brands include: Linden Leaves, Adorn, Nvey Eco, Pod, Simply Organic, Ahava, Magnolia, Elizabeth Arden, Olive, Essie, Decleor, Elixir, Revlon, Smashbox, Gatineau, Keratinology & Lancome

    Has anyone else tried these sorts of sample boxes, Australia or International? What are your thoughts on them?



    1. I have recieved two Glossybox boxes and I just got my first I Love This Box!

      Definitely impressed with I Love This Box, far more than Glossybox. I have been pretty disappointed with my last two Glossyboxes - Which ones have been your favourites so far? I'm thinking about trying Bellabox :)

    2. Lust Have It! has to be my favourite so far, have loved everything in their boxes. I didn't mind the last GlossyBox but it didn't have the wow factor that's for sure. I just got my consignment number from Bellabox so hopefully it will arrive in the next few days and I will do a post on it. I was tossing up between I Love This Box & Beauty Basket and I subscribed to Beauty Basket as my forth subscription :P I do like the look of ILTB as-well so if GlossyBox doesn't improve I will switch over to them.