Lust Have It February 2012

I have been stalking the courier man all morning to bring me my February Lust Have It box and it finally came yay! I was a bit ho hum in relation to December's box. Dont get me wrong, it was a good box but I think the inclusion of tampons in a luxury beauty sample box really dug them a big hole for that one. Luckily this month's box has totally redeemed Lust Have It and I am very excited. This month's box came with its usual product information card and also a card on general skin advice depending on your age group. As for the samples, what have we got here? 

1. Davroe Tame Lemongrass Detangler RRP $21.50 for 315ml. Sample size: 50mls

I have never heard of this brand before and this is where the whole amazing idea of beauty sample boxes comes to life- by introducing you to new brands. It has a lovely subtle soapy scent is definitely non greasy which is awesome for a leave in conditioner/detangler. I personally love detangler's. I have long, thick, naturally wavy hair which can be a nightmare at times and I know this product will be used in no time! I give it a 4/5.

2. Taut Collagen Infusion Mask RRP $44.95 pack of 5. Sample size: 1 mask

I have heard of this brand before but never used it personally and was just thrilled to have a mask included in this pack. It promises to tone, hydrate and brighten the complexion in 10mins. I am going to wait until Saturday to try this mask as I am working night duties until then and always finish my nights with a dull complexion so that will be the real test! So I am unable to rate this product at this time.

UPDATED 12/2/12: I used this mask last night and it is lovely. My skin was definitely more toned & brighter after 1 mask. It left my skin feeling very moisturised and rejuvenated. I rate this product a 4.5/5 

3. Lancome Juicy Tubes RRP $46 for 14g. Sample size: 7ml

This was the one everybody has waiting for! Lust Have It announced awhile back they were including this product and I think we all went a little nuts waiting for it! I have used juicy tubes in the past and they really are a wonderful product. I was very happy to see this included and I love the hot pink colour in time for Valentines Day. I rate this product a 5/5. 

4. Sass & Savy Rose Lavender Hand n Nail Repair Creme RRP $25 for 100ml. Sample size: 5ml

Another product I have not heard of before. Im usually a bit... unenthusiastic I guess is the word when I get hand cream and this time wasnt really any different. It is a nice product. The smell is nothing amazing (I personally find lavender to be a tad nanna) and nothing else really stands out for me with this product but it is non greasy which is a plus when it comes to hand creams. The sample size is cute though and will get used as I wash my hands a million times a day at work (im a nurse) and I always need hand cream so will keep this in my pocket. I rate this product a 2/5.

5. Lush Sugar Soap RRP $6.50 100mls. Sample size: no idea, but looks very generous.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LUSH!!!!! and was totally ecstatic to find a Lush product in this month's box. I do love a good body scrub and this stuff is wonderful! Its smells wonderful like all Lush products and does its job well! I rate this product 5/5.

Overall I have to say that this month's Lust Have It box is a winner and was very exciting indeed! It is the first of 3 beauty sample boxes I subscribe to to be delivered this month so another applause to Lust Have It for being on the ball! As for value for money, this month's contents definitely exceeded the $15 cost and I am very impressed with the variety of products as-well. 

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