GlossyBox February 2012 Review

I have read some pretty disappointing reviews of this months GlossyBox the last few days and have been eagerly awaiting for mine to arrive. I saw a lot of people got different things and this is what I got:

1. Bio-Oil RRP $14.95 for 60ml Sample Size: 60ml

I do love Bio-Oil as a body moisturiser and have used it quite a lot in the past. Its a nice product and especially good for growing pregnant bellies and other skin imperfections such as stretch marks or cellulite. Good sized sample aswell. I give this product a 4/5.

2. Mirenesse 3D Forever Lipgloss RRP $7.95 for 5g

This is a nice full-sized sample lipgloss. I do love wand glosses and it goes on very nice. It is a very dark red-wine shade which I wouldnt wear everyday but will definietely use for a night time make-up look. I rate this product a 4/5.

This also came with a voucher to redeem a Mirenesse make-up product on their FB page which I have applied for but its only valid to the first 500 people. I don't know if this voucher was included with this product when it was used in a previous box so I may be way too late or I may be lucky enough to get it. We shall see! 

3. Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm RRP $8.99 for 2g

Another full-sized lip balm with an SPF15. It is clear and is a good moisturiser. Good for everyday use either plain or on top of a lipstick. I rate this product a 3/5.

4. Star & Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files RRP $unknown Sample Size: 12 mini boards.

These are really cute with a pretty birdy design and a great mini size to keep in your handbag. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

5. Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash RRP$ 39.95 for 475ml Sample Size: 60ml

This a good sized sample for Proactive. I'm not a big fan of Proactive, I tried it for awhile when I was an acne stricken teen and even then I found it way too harsh and I dont even have sensitive skin. This cleanser is for the body though and I do occasioanlly break out on my back when at the gym so it will make a good body wash. I rate this product a 3.5/5.

Overall im fairly happy with this month's box but for a Valentines day box it was a bit of a let down. The pink box & packaging was beautiful though. Having 2 lip-glosses in the one box is a bit of a disappointment and I saw a lot of other people got a nail polish & mascara which would've been a lot nicer for a Valentines box. Some of the products have apparently been done before in previous boxes as well which luckily for me I didn't receive but if I had had them before I would've been pissed. The box also came with some little heart shaped lollies which was a cute touch. 

As for posting, it was only 2 days between receiving my email & package so good work there. What did you think of this month's box? 


  1. Hi, I saw your blog entry from the glossy box fb site, and i was equally disapointed with the box, and its not the first i heard this wither. I also recieved two lip glosses and a palmers oil instaed of the bio oil, but did hear others got a BB mascara and nail polish. I feel we are all payng the same price so we all expect the same product not everyone differently, i sent Glossybox an email saying how i will only try them for one more month as this was my first and if it doesnt imporove i will be canceling my subscription.. and also i didnt understand who this was a "valentines" box - very disapointed Glossybox!!

    1. I like the idea of the beauty profiles & personalising of the boxes, but i think some boxes were a bit random this month. I will give them a chance for redemption!

  2. I got the bio oil, mirenesse lipgloss and carmex lip balm all in previous boxes!!! Obviously they are just getting rid of what they have left in the warehouse, dodgy..

    This month I got proactive face wash, pink adorn blush mini size, elf eyeliner and brush double ended, the nail files and a lip tattoo.

    I just cancelled...

  3. I recived totally different products , a full size lipstick , the lollies, an eye creme sample of small proportions , a Carmex Lip Balm , the nail files and the Pro Active now after watching for a few months before subscribing I know for a fact that the Carmex and Bio Oil and Mirenesse gloss have all been in previous boxes which is just unacceptable to me . I think I will be unsubscribing

    1. If I had received them before I would have been really angry but I haven't and I do like them so cant complain too much. I will give them another months chance then decide whether to cancel or not.

  4. I got the same box as you, but instead of the Mirenesse Lipgloss I received Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shine (Full Size) in Beach House - a sandy, shimmer colour. I didn't HATE the box, I won't use the proactive but the other stuff is ok. I think honestly for the price it was alright. People lose sight of the fact that it's only $15 we are paying and it's like a lucky dip. I did read somewhere they mention they put "high end" products in the boxes...last month I got a Nivea Moisturiser, definitely not "high end" if I can get it from Wollies for less than $5. Hopefully Glossybox will take into consideration everyone's comments and improve as they go along.

  5. I agree Holly, for the price its a great service and you wont be happy with everything all the time- that's impossible! I think for this months box being all hyped up as a special Valentines edition, too many people got different things and some things did seem like an afterthought. I also agree that Nivea is not a luxury brand and yes if it can be bought at the local IGA I wouldnt expect to see it in a box.

  6. While I agree it's a sampling service and you won't be happy with everything each month, I think it's a bit suss you received things that were in previous boxes, and also agree it doesn't look like it fits the Valentine's Day theme at all!

    I wouldn't have minded receiving the Carmex though!