BellaBox April 2012

Its that time again my little rabbit beauties! Sample box time! Kicking off the April boxes is BellaBox. The theme this month is 'around the world in fashion' to celebrate Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

1) Hollywood Feet Heel Cushions RRP $9.95 for 2 pair Sample Size: 2 pair (full-sized product)

These gel cushions sit under your heels in your stiletto's so you don't get sore tootsies while being discreet so you still look fabulous. I have used this product before and they are great so was happy to get some more in this months box. I rate this product a 5/5. 

2) OP Therapy Body Hydrator RRP $19 for 75mls Sample size: 75mls (full-sized product)

This is an unscented cream for sensitive skin and also good to relieve symptoms of dry & chapped skin, sunburn and other skin ailments. It has a very rich texture and feels super creamy to apply. I am going to make this my new hand cream this month as I get flaky hands from washing my hands a million times a day at work and this cute tube is perfect to carry around. I also like that it is 100% Aussie and not tested on animals. I rate this product a 4.5/5. 

3) pure DKNY Verbena RRP $80 for 30mls Sample size: approx 3mls

I love getting perfume samples with these boxes! This smells absolutely divine and I will definitely be adding it my wish list! I rate this fragrance a 5/5.

4) ULTA3 Nail Polish RRP $2 for 13mls Sample size: 13ml (full sized product)

I got the colour Jade which is a lovely metallic green and for a cheap as chips nail polish its really nice! I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of this polish and we will see how it stands up to durability at my personal training session tonight. I rate this product a 4/5. 

5) Comvita Brightening Range RRP between $45- $79 for the whole range Sample size: 1.5ml of each. 

So these 3 little sachets have the brightening facial serum, exfoliant & protective moisturiser (SPF 15). The magic ingredient is the olive leaf extract which is an anti-oxidant powerhouse to give bright & clear skin. I am excited to try these tonight and will rate them again later! 

6) Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation RRP $55 for 30mls Sample size: 5ml

This was the one I was waiting for! I am a huge huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics and was stoked to hear when Bellabox announced a partnership with these guys. I received the 'petal' shade which matched my skin perfectly! It goes on like a dream and the coverage is just amazing! I think I have found my new everyday foundation! I rate this a product a 6/5 (yes I can do that!!) 

Overall I was really impressed with this month's Bellabox and the overall theme. If you are considering subscribing to Bellabox I highly recommend them- I have loved all their boxes so far and am yet to be disappointed! 


  1. Nice review :) I've just signed up for Bellabox to try. Can't wait to receive my first box :D

  2. That's awesome Latte! you wont be disappointed! keep an eye out for future posts, I blog about 5 different beauty sample services each month so you might find another company you would like to subscribe to as well!