Lust Have It! April 2012

Lust Have It! has to be one of my favourite beauty sample subscription boxes and I because I hold them so high on my list I am always nervous to see what each month's box contains for the fear of it being disappointing. This months box is probably my most favourite of all the boxes I ever received from any subscription service. Lets have a look why:

1) DeLorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray RRP $23.95 for 195ml Sample size: 195mls (full-sized product)

I LOVE sea salt hair styling products and am excited to try this product. Even though sea salt sprays are meant for that tousled, beach look, I started using sea salt sprays for straightening my hair on the advice of my hairdresser and was amazed to see the difference in my hair after straightening. Usually after straightening my hair it tends to lack any volume and with sea salt spray I get that volume back so I highly recommend trying it! I will rate this product when I straighten my hair tomorrow with it.

2) Spa Fresh Blends Romantic Discovery RRP $15.95 for 250ml Sample size: approx 40ml

This is a tub tonic (or bath salts) infused with the essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot & ylang ylang. I don't take baths very often but this stuff smells absolutely divine and I will use it tomorrow to soak in then rate it then. Cant wait to try it out, especially as I have never heard of this brand before.

3) True Solutions All Day Tinted Moisturising Cream SPF 30+ RRP $60 for 100ml Sample size: 20ml

Another brand I have never heard of before, this 'clinical strength moisturiser combines sun protection & light coverage with intensive hydrating properties to give a healthy glow to skin. This foundation definitely has a very strong sunscreen smell which would put me off buying it but its very lightweight & non-greasy which is so important for a tinted moisturiser/sunscreen. I was lucky enough to receive a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly and will definitely use this for those days out in the sun when a full application of make-up is not appropriate (or too hot for!) I rate this product a 4.5/5.

4) I Nuovi Glitteratti Cosmetic Glitter RRP $19.95 for 2.5g Sample size: 2.5g (full-sized product)

This professional cosmetic glitter can be used anywhere on the body. I got the silver colour which is a really nice subtle colour as I cant really think of anywhere I would probably use this but its nice to know I have some on hand if an occasion called for it! The product itself is very nice though and as far as face & body glitters go it is of a great quality in a cute little pot. I rate this product a 4/5.

5) EmerginC products RRP Cleanser $44 (120ml), Mask $65 (50ml) and Moisturiser $105 (50ml) Sample size: 3ml of each

I have heard of EmerginC skin products before but are yet to try them so was super excited to get these this month. I imagine you would only get one use out of each little pouch which makes it hard to rate a skincare product but I will use it tonight and rate it tomorrow on how it feels. 

Overall I am over the moon with this months Lust Have It! and the cute little make-up bag that it all came in too! Top job LHI crew!
Just to note, I received an email this morning from Lust Have It! & Glossybox to say that LHI had acquired Glossybox and the 2 companies would be joining forces under the Lust Have It! brand. This will be an interesting future development. Glossybox has always been on the bottom of my favourites list with these boxes and Lust Have It! at the top so I am hoping that Lust Have It! continues to bring us the high standard of products that they always have and that Glossybox doesn't have too much of an influence on those standards. 

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