Current Sponsorship Information
I am currently offering sponsorship in the form of a button swap.
So if you would like your button on my page I will advertise it
on my sidebar if you do the same with my button.
All buttons must be 200 x 200 and be tasteful! 

Who would be suitable to advertise on my blog?
Anyone that has a passion for beauty or fashion would be most 
welcome! However I will accept buttons from anybody as long
as the site is within the standards I deem appropriate
(so no nudity people!).

Sponsored Posts
If you are a blogger or a company that would be interested in a 
sponsored post please EMAIL ME for more information.

If you a blogger or a company that would like to host a giveaway
please EMAIL ME for terms & conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: any revenue earned from this blog goes full circle- what that means is every dollar I make from sponsors/advertisers goes to paying for advertising on higher traffic blogs to increase traffic back here which in turn increases the number of views your advertisement/sponsorship/guest post receives. Its win-win!