BellaBox June 2012 Review

Oh Bellabox you really do light up my day! I just about squealed with excitement when I unwrapped this month's box of goodies. Lets have a look at what those amazing beauties at Bellabox have in store for us this month!
1) Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream- Cult RRP $59 for 48.3gm Sample size: 3.5gm

I know I have said it before and let me just say it again I am absolutely in LOVE with Benefit Cosmetics! So I was stoked to receive some Benefit skin care products in this months box. This hydra-concentrated facial cream is to help improve moisture & radiance for dry skin. Firstly I love the smell of this cream- you can smell the mango butter and its divine! Very silky & creamy and absorbs easily with no greasiness afterwards. Yum, yum, yum!! I rate this product a 4.5/5.

2) Be In Awe Vimala Cleanser RRP $39 for 150ml Sample size: 2x 3ml sachets AND Codayati Renewal System RRP $120 for 50ml Sample size: 5ml

This is a brand I have never heard of before so was super excited to try them out. Australian made & owned and free from any nasties like SLS's, parabens etc. The cleanser feels very 'clean' and is very gentle but effective for removing make-up & all the day's stresses from the skin. The cute little renewal system pump action cream has lots of nice ingredients like Retinol and Gotukola for improvement of skin's little imperfections. The cream has a nice neutral scent and absorbs lightning fast and feels wonderful. A new favourite! I rate these products a 4.5/5. 

3) Pure Fiji Body Butter- Pineapple Fusion RRP $29.95 for 235ml Sample size: approx 20ml?

Oh wow this smells so good you just want to eat it! What a fabulous sized sample pot of body butter which is perfect for treating dry winter skin and the smell takes you to a tropical island straight away! Yummy! I rate this product a 4/5.

4) Benefit Porefessional Pro Balm- Cult RRP $58 for 22ml Sample size: 7.5ml

A lovely generous sample sized tube from Benefit. I am obsessed with pore refiners and make-up primers so was a happy little Vegemite to get this product. I LOVE the texture of this balm when applying and once its on it feels like there is nothing there- it blends so wonderfully and makes the skin appear so smooth and refined instantly. If there is one thing I am buying full-sized this month it is this! Wow! I rate this product a 5/5. 

5) Fan Di Fendi Fragrance- Fun Loving RRP $95 for 30ml Sample size: small sachet

Oh nice! We all know I love getting fragrance samples so was excited to find this. It smells divine and has a very grown-up feel about it and I cant wait to wear it to a night out at the burlesque club in a few weeks for my birthday matched with a black lacy dress & fishnets. Ooh la la! 

6) Sally Hanson Colour Quick Chrome Fast Dry Nail Pen RRP $16.95 each Sample size: Full-size

I got the pink chrome colour which is more like a very light pastel purple. I was a bit worried at first when I saw this product- nail polish in a pen what the? But I was soon having fun doing my nails with this no mess no fuss nail colour pen. What a great little idea to do your nails on the run- don't have to worry about spilling a little pot of polish over like I always do! Very fun! And very quick drying as always with Sally Hanson. I rate this product a 4.5/5.

7) Olea Olive Leaf Drops RRP $6 for 12 drops Sample size: 4 drops

I thought this was a really cute little sample for Bellbox to include as we come into the flu season here in Australia. Olive leaf extract & Manuka honey drops for when you get sick with a cold. I'm sure these will come in handy soon enough! 

What a massive month from Bellabox filled with amazing products for winter. Bellabox continues to be one of the very best beauty sample boxes in Australia and if you are tossing up as to subscribing I'm sure this month's review will help you with that decision! 


  1. oh wow! seeing this box makes me wish i was still subscribed to bellabox! i am currently not subbed to anything unfortunately. how lucky is that two benefit products in one box! the nail pen is something i have wanted to try for a while! wow! this box is awesome!

    1. The nail pen is such a nifty little product! I do recommend them and will be keeping my eye out next time I go shopping!

  2. The Bella Box looks SO good. I love Benefit products and am very jealous of so many of these products! Hopefully my Lust Have It! comes close to the amazing-ness of this!

    1. Hey Laura! Yes I am a massive fan of Benefit!

  3. This is the first different Bellabox I've seen, every other one I've read has been basically the same as mine... I'm jealous you got the Sally Hansen pen!

    1. All the other blogs I've read got different products aswell, nice to see what other people got. Were you happy with your selection?

  4. Amazing review :)
    This body butter must be great!