Calling All Beauty Bunnies!

Being broke sucks!!! Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have had to seriously revise my beauty shop allowance to barely nothing! And with the closure of 2 beauty sample box services I regularly review my options for material has gone way down. But never fear! Beauty will always triumph! I have spent the last few weeks pondering and brainstorming and have some exciting new developments in store for all my beauty bunnies!

One of these opportunities involves YOU my dear readers! I want YOU to be part of my 'panel of experts' and receive free samples from me to experiment with and do regular guest posts on My Little Rabbit. The lucky experts will also receive free sponsorship/button space on my blog for their troubles! So if this interests you, please contact me NOW (Australian residents only please) at jessicamole@hotmail.com

Stay tuned for my new beauty ventures- being a budget-savvy bunny! 

EDITED: All spots for my panel of experts have quickly been snapped up! Stay tuned for more!

1 comment:

  1. Blast! I would have gladly been a "beauty bunny!":)