Oh Hi There 2013!

I have been hiding for the last few months. My life has had a complete 180 and gone are the days when I could lavish myself with whatever latest trends I desired. Times have been tough, and as a result of that I had to cancel ALL of my beauty box subscriptions which was very sad but after a few months of being a good little financial nerd and paying my bills (and surviving off all my accumulated beauty samples) I have revised my budget and am now allowed to splurge on myself again. This time I wanted to do something different though. I was getting a little bored of the usual beauty boxes out there and after a bit of searching I was delighted to find something new on the market. It's called 'Her Fashion Box' and it kicks off in March and I am super dooper excited! 

So here's how it works:
  • It's a monthly subscription box delivered
  • It costs $49.95 per month (credit card payment and I think they also accept bank deposit. No paypal though I believe)
  • You get to pick between 3 different styles: Trendy, Classic or Feminine
  • You fill in your personalized profile with details such as age, your interests, if your ears are pierced, the tone of your skin, your hair worries, your interests and the beauty trends you like or dislike.
Each month you get a personalized on-trend fashion accessory depending on which profile you choose along with the latest deluxe beauty samples from all the beauty brands the cool kids are talking about. I have chosen the Classic profile but you can change between profiles each month if you like. 

Now I would have to say I am a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to these subscription box services and I have been disappointed a lot in the past. One of my main disappointments was the fact that a lot of the products that beauty boxes send out just do not work for everyone and I love the idea that someone has come out with a product that is a bit more personalized to the customer's tastes. $49.95 per month is a fairly decent price to pay for a subscription box and I am praying that I am not disappointed for that price. I also really love the idea of mixing together a few different things including fashion, make-up & lifestyle products into the one box. One concern I do have is the sustainability of this box because of it's price tag and its target audience. $49.95 is a lot to pay per month and even being a professional who earns $85K per year I am skeptical to handing over that much for one box each month and I can imagine a lot of young girls who are the target audience are probably university students or work part-time won't be able to sustain that. But we will see. It is exciting and I am really looking forward to the next generation in beauty subscription boxes blowing us out of the water. 

P.S: want half price off your first Her Fashion Box? Enter the coupon code: FASHION when you sign up. 

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