Lust Have It! Eco Summer Box

Very excited to get my Lust Have It! Eco Summer Box today. I have had a bit of a break from the subscription beauty boxes lately, mainly because I felt I wasn't really enjoying what most of them were offering. After much contemplation I decided to sign up to two subscription boxes again, with Lust Have It! Eco as one of those. I have always been interested in more organic and eco-friendly beauty products and I think this is a fantastic subscription box idea for the eco girl. So what do we have in our little hemp bag? 

1) Kuu Konjac Deep Cleansing Knojac Sponge RRP $9.95 per sponge. Sample size: 1 sponge. 

This thing is cool! It's a red clay infused konjac vegetable sponge which is 100% natural fibre's and stated as suitable for all skin types. It can be used for face or body either alone or with some product (using this with product will give you lots of bubbles!) and lasts up to 3 months of daily use. When you want to dispose of it you can add it to your compost or use it in the bottom of pot plants. I love a product that doesn't contribute to more landfill! I used mine on my face with some cleanser and I really liked it. It's very soft and squishy and unlike anything I have used before. A great, natural alternative to a face exfoliant. And at that price its a total bargain! I rate this product a 5/5. 

2) Dr. Hauschka Mellissa Day Cream RRP $52 for 30ml. Sample size: 5ml.

I have tried a few Dr. Hauschka skin care samples before and I gotta admit I have never really been impressed by them. This day cream however is a lot better then many of their other products I have tried and I am intrigued again by this range. The day cream has witch hazel and daisy extracts to calm, balance & manage shine to leave skin refined, soft and even. I really liked the scent of this cream, it has a zesty citrus smell and the texture feels very lux. I did find my skin felt a tiny bit oily after applying which wasn't too bad considering its potency, but was just enough to make me not love it. It is also just a little expensive for my liking. I did find my skin felt a lot softer using this though which helped give it a few points. I rate this product a 3.5/5.  

3) World Organic Juniper Berry Cleansing Face Wash RRP $27.99 for 80ml. Sample size: 15ml. 
4) World Organic Almond Seed Face Exfoliant RRP $23.87 for 50ml. Sample size: 15ml.

These products are certified organic and vegan and suitable for all skin types (yes, even the exfoliant!). I was absolutely blown away by these two products! The exfoliant is such a nice texture, it's nowhere near as gritty as a lot of exfoliants are and it doesnt feel like you are scrubbing down to your epidermis when you use it yet it left my skin very smooth. The face wash also has a nice texture, it feels rich and cleanses beautifully. Also, a little goes a long way with these 2 products and they both smell divine. I would estimate the 15ml sample size is enough for about 2 weeks worth of daily use so the price for the full-sized range is very good for such a wonderful product. I rate these 2 products a 5/5. I will definitely be buying these, and look forward to trying other products from this brand. 

5) Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hand & Body Lotion RRP $10 for 236ml. Sample size: 88ml.

If you have never tried a hemp seed oil product before then get out of the rock you have been living under and give this stuff a try! I have loved hemp seed oil products for years now and was stoked to try this. This hand & body lotion has a lovely scent, is absorbed very fast when applied and left my skin feeling very moisturized with no oiliness at all. I go through hand creams like there is no tomorrow because of my job (I am a nurse and I wash my hands a million times a day which equals dryness!) and this will definitely be going in my bag to keep my hands in top notch. The price of this product is also a real steal. I rate this product a 5/5. 

6) De Lorenzo Elements Earth Mud Slide Styling Creme RRP $23.95 for 100ml. Sample size: 100ml. 

At first I was a little hesitant as to how I would even use this product being a strong hold cream and me having long poker straight hair. But being a winner of the 2011 Australian Beauty Awards and a brand I love I wanted to give it a good shot. I straightened my hair and then used a little bit to run through the lengths and tips and styled into a ponytail. Normally a few hours later the end of my ponytail starts to curl but with this the ends stayed straight so I was really pleased with that result. Any other suggestions on how to use it would be most welcome! I rate this product a 3.5/5. 

7) Aphrodite Make Your Eyes Pop! RRP $24.95 per pot. Sample size: 1 pot. 

I got the Copper Cocoa shade which is a beautiful glistening earthy brown/copper shade which is just made for my skin-tone! The shimmer of this shadow is quite deceiving when it is just sitting in the pot, but once you apply it it is VERY shimmery and just gorgeous! The texture of the powder is so light and refined but it holds on great (I used an eyelid primer pre application). Made from 100% natural ingrediants and comes in over 100 shades. I rate this product a 4.5/5. 

Total value of box: $85.55 (based on RRP price per ml of full-sized product x actual sample size). 
Subscription price: $29.95

Overall I am very happy with this season's Lust Have It! Eco Box and its contents. Over $85 worth of product for $29.95 is pretty darn good in my opinion and if you are after a great value subscription beauty box then here is the proof you can get one! Very impressed LHI! Eco. 


  1. The summer eco box was so lovely! Your eyeshadow looks amazing! I can't wait to see our March eco box! :)

    1. Thanks Lily! I adore that eyeshadow, the shade is just dead sexy lol!