Her Fashion Box March 2013

The very first Her Fashion Box has arrived! Beauty box subscribers have been waiting patiently for this new box which is a cool fusion of make-up, lifestyle and fashion all in the one package. Her Fashion Box is a subscription service delivered to your door for $39.95 per month. There are 3 different boxes you can choose from depending on your style - Trendy, Feminine or Classic. I ordered the Classic box. Lets see what we have for their debut box. 

Firstly we have a little ' Fashion Magazine' which is an 18 page booklet full of information on the contents of the box. There is features on how to wear your fashion accessory with different styles and 1-2 page articles about the beauty products. I think this is a fantastic idea to include a little booklet. Every other beauty subscription box I have seen just includes a little card with 1-2 sentences about the products but this magazine has some great tips and ways to use the contents of your box. Big thumbs up from me on that one! 

Next we have 2 accessories. The first is a gold hair elastic/ponytail holder. I wear my long hair in a ponytail for work most days so I loved this accessory! Very classy. My only criticism for this would be that it might not suit a lot of subscribers who have short hair so I can imagine they wouldn't be too happy. But I like it! The next accessory is a black & gold necklace which comes in a little black velvet drawstring bag. I do like the necklace, it's not something I would ever pick out for myself but that's the fun of subscription boxes - trying out new things. Having a look through the magazine at what the Trendy & Feminine boxes accessories were, I think my style is definitely more Feminine as I loved that boxes ponytail holder & necklace so I will change my box to a Feminine one for next month. 

Right, onto the samples.

1) Redken Shampoo RRP $22.95 for 300ml. Sample size: 50ml
Redken Conditioner RRP $22.95 for 250ml. Sample size: 30ml
Redken Deep Facets RRP $35.50 for 250ml. Sample size: 30ml

My first thought on these is wow, what a great sample size. A lot of other hair products samples I have received have been only enough for 1 or 2 washes and not really enough to fully test out the product. I estimate I would get about 5 washes out of these samples and I have very long, thick hair. I really enjoyed trying these products out. I am yet to see any noticeable difference in my hair after 1 use but I look forward to seeing how it looks after using it for a week and seeing if I can get some shine! Based on the one use so far though I rate this product a 4/5. I think the price is quite reasonable as well. 

2) Circa Home Everyday Soap in Lilac & Orchid RRP $9.95 for 125g. Sample size: 125g. 

This smells DIVINE!!!! It is the first thing I picked up when I opened up my box. The packaging is just so pretty I didn't want to open it!. Lots of yummy ingredients like sweet almond oil and cocoa butter it has a very luxury feel and feels nice to use. It left my skin feeling very soft and smelling sweet. They are a pretty reasonable price as well. I rate this product a 4/5. 

3) Master Make-up by Dean Nixon Blending Brush RRP $30.00. 1 full sized brush. 

I LOVE make-up brushes and was thrilled to get this, especially the blending brush as I would use this brush the most. The brush feels super soft and is a nice little tool to add to my collection of brushes. I personally probably wouldn't spend $30 on a brush like that and I do think they are slightly overpriced compared to a lot of good quality brushes out there that are cheaper. I rate this product a 2.5/5. 

4) Maybelline New York Colour Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss RRP $15.95 for 5ml. Sample size: 5ml.

I got the Glisten Up Pink shade which is a very pretty glittery pink and is a shade I would definitely pick for myself. It has a very silky texture and feels awesome. I absolutely love this lip gloss and am thrilled to have received it in my box. I rate this product a 5/5. 

5) Moxie Feminine Hygiene Sample Collection RRP $4.47. Sample size: 2 tampons, 1 liner and 2 pads.

Really??? Tampons in a subscription box?? The first thought that comes to mind when I see this is 'wow this reminds me of grade 7 sex education class'. I do not think these sorts of products have a place in subscription boxes. I just hope HFB have got that out of their system now and can concentrate on delivering more fabulous samples like everything else in their first box. This product doesn't deserve a rating. 

Overall I am very impressed with the first Her Fashion Box and am willing to let slip that last product to say it is a great box and I will definitely be continuing my subscription with them. The total value of the products came to $71.15 (yes I did the math) and I paid $24.95 as I had a discount code, but normally the boxes will cost $39.95 which is pretty good. I am looking forward to next month's box! 

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  1. All the products look so fantastic, I'm dying of jealousy. Personally I think it's great they included the moxie set as the adorable packaging makes a messy situation a little more classy!