Beauty Basket Feb 2012

We all knew what was awaiting us for this month's Beauty Basket as they are one of the only beauty sample box services that advertise in advance what will be in the box. But still, its fun opening it even though its not really a surprise. I could just not look at the website each month but I cant help myself! So lets see what we have:

1: Lady Jane Ecostyle Biodegradable Bamboo Pad Brush RRP $17.99 Sample size: full size.

Well here is your $15 subscription fee paid for right here! You can never have too many brushes in my opinion (bathroom, bedroom, car, handbag, etc) and this is a really nice paddle style one. I rate this product a 4.5/5.

2: John Plunkett's Anti-Ageing Creme Cleanser RRP $9.95 for 100ml Sample size: 40mls.

I have never heard of this brand but I don't use any anti-ageing products so thats probably why! A good sized sample but for $10 for 100ml I wouldnt imagine any miracles would happen. I will be giving this to my mum. No rating for this one as I cant really test & comment on an anti-ageing product when I am not old.

3: Imperial Leather Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel RRP $? Sample Size: 75g.

They didnt include any product information about this on the info card which is a bit strange so not sure on the RRP. Im not a huge fan of Imperial Leather products, I find them a bit heavy. It doesnt have a very nice scent either. I will give this to my husband to use. So again, not really going to rate it.

4: Sunsilk Co-Creations Expert-Perfect Straight Detangling Mist RRP $6.49 for 120ml Sample size: 120ml (full sized product)

Im not a big fan of the Sunsilk brand, I find their products make my hair really frizzy but this straightening mist is quite good. Makes for an easy straightening process which is always good but I still cant go past the Davroe serum from Lust Have It! this month- that stuff is just a miracle worker when it comes to frizz & straightening. I rate this product a 3/5.

5: Face of Australia Impact-curl Extreme Volume & Curl Mascara RRP $11.95 Sample size: full sized product.

Can always add another mascara to my collection, kinda like the hairbrush thing- good to keep them handy everywhere! Now I have great difficulty in finding a good mascara- no matter how much it claims to seperate lashes mine always stick together and its frustrating! I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this mascara ACTUALLY WORKS. Oh My God! Could it be? I have finally got a mascara that doesnt clump? Thank you Beauty Basket. I bow down to you. I rate this a 6/5. Yes I can do that!!

6: The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Eau de Parfum RRP $43.95 for 30ml Sample size: 1.5ml

A nice little fragrance sample to top off all these full sized products! Love this scent. I rate it a 5/5 I love it that much! Definitely need to buy me the full size version of this!

So all in all a good little selection of products. Beauty Basket do tend to send out the cheaper end of the beauty products but I like that- its good to sample the affordable stuff and sometimes its the cheaper stuff that's better (like that awesome mascara, who would've known??) then the luxury. Very happy with this months box, which as per usual comes in a cute wicker basket that can be re-used for just about anything. 


  1. Isnt that advertised as February's Basket?

  2. Yeah, it's the Feb basket that was LATE. I still haven't received mine! Everytime my dog barks, I rush to the window to check if it's the postie!

  3. My apologies, i subscribe to so many of these boxes i just wrote march on it but yer it is feb's. They were late because of the floods.